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Newsletter publications listed by month and year.

Document Type Month In this Issue we Discuss:
pdf February 2024 We delve into the necessity of consistent disciplinary measures to uphold fairness at work, announce some organizational updates, and pay tribute to the late President of Namibia.
png December 2022 New EE developments, Office closure for festive season.
pdf August 2022 FAQ’s regarding payslips, Union Dues, Annual Increase and New EE Developments.
pdf April 2022 Union access to the premises of the Employer, Gross Insubordination, Minimum wage for Agricultural workers adjusted.
pdf September 2021 We tackle the issue of Employment Contracts, our Annual increase, Information regarding the VET levy and the amended definition of ‘Remuneration’.
pdf July 2021 Read more in this newsletter about the basic principles pertaining to strikes, the VET Levy as well as SEENA’s plan to postpone our annual premium increase.
pdf March 2021 27 Maart 2021 was die eerste verjaarsdag van die Covid-19grendeltyd in Namibië. In die afgelope 12 maande het ekpersoonlik deur talle emosies gegaan in my privatehoedanigheid en as besigheidsman.
pdf August 2020 We are still assisting struggling businesses as part of our effort to reduce the impact of COVID 19. We have decided not to increase our monthly premiums during the current financial year.
pdf February 2020 2020 is reeds goed op dreef en ons hier by SEENA is ons alreeds druk besig met arbeidskwessies, opleiding van kli ë nte werknemers en die indien van Employment Equity planne.
pdf July 2019 Die lente is oppad en hier by SEENA is ons optimisti e s oor die naderende reënseisoen en ekonomiese vooruitsigte in die tweede helft e van 2019.
pdf March 2019 We love wiping the slate clean and starting over with new goals and intentions. This can be done at any time of the year, of course, but it is so perfect with the New Year.
pdf November 2018 From Seena’s point of view we are blessed that our Payroll product has grown substantially during 2018. Ek wil vir al ons kliënte en in besonder die kliënte wat vir tien jaar ‘n pad met Seena stap, ‘n geseënde Kersfees en Voorspoedige 2019 toewens.
pdf July 2018 Net soos gedurende die eerste helfde van verlede jaar, het 2018 gebuk gegaan onder sukkelende ekonomiese omstandighede. ‘n Ligpunt is dat ekonome meen dat die Namibiese ekonomie in 2019 sy kop gaan oplig.
pdf February 2018 Here at Seena we are happy to report that our Payroll product has taken off with a bang in 2018.
pdf October 2017 Ons kliënte in die gasvryheidsbedryf het dit gedurende 2017 makliker gehad onder andersins moeilike ekonomiese omstandighede. Ongeag ‘n wankelende ekonomie is vakbonde steeds besig om onredelike verhogings te eis.
pdf July 2017 In this issue of our Newsletter there is an interesting article on a recent Labour Court judgement compiled by our National Manager, Nicky Smit.
pdf February 2017 Seena Legal Consult will be there and will continue to assist your business with all Labour, NEEEF, Employment Equity and Training needs.